Nocean is the first rock band in Sweden to release an interactive music video with 360 degrees footage (‘The Change’, October 2016). In June 2017 the band played at Sweden Rock Festival and they are now recording a brand new album (release this year). A new single – ‘This Must Be’-  was released on March 15th along with a music video.

The new Swedish band Nocean comes from Stockholm and plays melodious, alternative rock with metal influences and electronic elements. A clear, modern sound and heavy rhythms are combined with a strong female voice that varies from soft and sweet to tough and loud.

Nocean started to play hard rock and metal in the end of 2013. The band has so far released two EP’s and one debut album, Nothing To Hide (released in April 2016 on Attitude Recordings). Today the band has their own label and they have also joined a management company from London – Shodement.

In the summer of 2016, the band made some changes to the line up and also decided to take another direction with the sound. Nocean’s new sound is reflected in the latest singles This Must Be And The Change. The 360 music video to The Change, got a huge response on Facebook and reached a lot of new fans in countries like Mexico and Brazil. Now Nocean is in the studio, recording and producing their second album.

Hanna (vocals)
Ozzy (guitar)
Patrick (drums)
Daniel (bass)



(Nothing To Hide)
”The instrumental presentation is convincing in all positions and front lady Hanna convinces with a formidable vocal performance. Almost all of the ten numbers are also a direct path toward long-term memory.”

(Nothing To Hide)
”Fast and thriving music that will cause your muscles to twitch… The arrangements of the songs vary in speed and power. This causes the music to shake you back and forth like a swing or like a rollercoaster. Nocean have created an amazingly strong album that makes you want to hear more of the guys – and girl.”

8,5/10 (Based On A Lie)
”16-minutes of straight-forward, in-your-face metal-ness. The fist pumping opener “Promise”gets us off to a rocking start.“Counting the Hours” is slower in tempo but has a great riff running through it. “Causing Chaos” opens with a classic metal power riff before settling into a steady groove with a heavy-as-hell bass-line. “Based on a Lie” is completed by the commanding “Intervene”. Like the opener, this is a great way to close the record.”