Nocean is the first rock band in Sweden to release an interactive music video with 360 degrees footage (‘The Change’). In June 2017 the band played at Sweden Rock Festival and they are now recording a brand new album (release this year on Rambo Music/Sony Music).

From the suburbs of Stockholm comes a new Swedish rock band, breaking through the asphalt and diverging from the masses. Four members with different life experiences – finding happiness and they put all their energy into it, living and breathing the band, doing very much work on their own to get where they want.

Nocean plays melodious, alternative rock with metal influences and electronic elements. A clear, modern sound and heavy rhythms are combined with a strong female voice that varies from soft and sweet to tough and loud. Some influences comes from bands like Thirty Second To Mars and (earlier) Paramore.

Nocean started in 2013 and the band has so far released two EP’s, one debut album, Nothing To Hide (released in April 2016 on Attitude Recordings) and two independent single releases from their upcoming album (‘The Change’ and ‘This Must Be’). Today they have their own label, and they are signed to Rambo Music (Sony Music) for distribution. In the summer of 2016, the band made some changes to the line up and also decided to take another direction with the sound for their second album. Now the band is in the studio, recording and producing the new album which will be released in December 2017.

Hanna (vocals)
Ozzy (guitar)
Patrick (drums)
Daniel (bass)