Nocean is the first rock band in Sweden to release a music video with 360 degrees footage (The Change). They have toured all over Europe, played Sweden Rock Festival 2017 and they recently released their brand new album Diamond through Rambo Music (subsidiary of Sony Music).

One of Sweden’s new rock exports comes from the suburbs of Stockholm. They combine melodic, alternative rock and metal with electronic elements, powerful live shows and a massive, modern sound. Since 2014, Nocean has played nearly 70 live shows in Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway and they have gained a large following around the world. Nocean’s second album (Diamond) was released in December 2017 through Sony Music’s subsidiary Rambo Music. During spring 2018 the band will go on their next European tour – eleven cities, including London, Birmingham and Amsterdam.
[Amethyst edit: And I will be there too!]


Hanna (vocals)
Oscar (guitar)
Patrick (drums)
Daniel (bass)

Album reviews – Diamond

Electronically fueled elegance. […] Hanna’s voice has developed and guides with power and emotion throughout a diverse and well produced list of tracks that is occasionally very reminiscent of Thirty Seconds to Mars. […]

”The whole album is highly enjoyable and a delight. NOCEAN are in a class of their own and are one of the top Alternative rock bands in the genre. Defitinely a very bright future for them with this release. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… 9.5/10.”

Nocean’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Facebook and SoundCloud.