Have you ever seen a rock/metal video in 360 degrees? Nocean was first in Sweden with the music video The Change and since then the band has gained a large following and toured in Europe several times. The Stockholm based band combines melodic rock and metal with a strong female front, a cinematic sound and powerful, energized and overwhelming live shows.

The singer Hanna and the guitarist Oscar are the couple who have driven the band since 2014 with their strong visions. The music has evolved and the setting has changed. In 2016, they found the drummer Patrick, who became the third important puzzle piece for Nocean’s new sound. The band’s second album Diamond was released in December 2017 and was very well received by fans and press around the world.

Although musical similarities has been suggested to bands like Within Temptation, Paramore and Thirty Seconds To Mars, Nocean ends up in their own category, establishing their unique niche in today’s world of rock and metal. In 2019, they will step up even more – and embark on a whole new arena.
– We always want to think innovatively and with our next release we will do something that no other Swedish band has done before. We can not go into details yet, but it will be very exciting! says Hanna.


Hanna (vocals)
Oscar (guitar)
Patrick (drums)

Album reviews – Diamond

Electronically fueled elegance. […] Hanna’s voice has developed and guides with power and emotion throughout a diverse and well produced list of tracks that is occasionally very reminiscent of Thirty Seconds to Mars. […]

”The whole album is highly enjoyable and a delight. NOCEAN are in a class of their own and are one of the top Alternative rock bands in the genre. Defitinely a very bright future for them with this release. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… 9.5/10.”

Nocean’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Facebook and SoundCloud.