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Nocean was the first Swedish rock/metal band to release a 360-degree music video (The Change). They have been touring all over Europe, played at festivals like the Sweden Rock Festival and in 2019 they will release their new, innovative concept.

The Stockholm based band Nocean combines melodic rock and metal with a strong female front, a cinematic sound and powerful, energized and overwhelming live shows. Since 2014, the band has been touring in countries like England, the Netherlands and Germany, and they have gained a large following around the world with fans who are demanding to see them on tour. The number of followers on Instagram has increased by over 28,000 in less than a year.

The singer Hanna and the guitarist Oscar are the couple who have driven the band since 2014 with their strong visions. The music has evolved and the setting has changed. In 2016, they found the drummer Patrick, who became the third important puzzle piece for Nocean’s new sound. The band’s second album Diamond was released in December 2017 and was very well received by fans and press around the world.

Nocean ends up in their own category, establishing their unique niche in today’s world of rock and metal. In 2019, they will step up even more – and embark on a whole new arena.
– We always want to think innovatively and with our next release we will do something that no other Swedish band has done before. We can not go into details yet, but it will be very exciting! says Hanna.


Hanna (vocals)
Oscar (guitar/production)
Patrick (drums)

Nocean’s music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Facebook and SoundCloud.


Here are Nocean’s latest music videos and live clips from Youtube.

Photos & artworks

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(Group photo by Jacobsson Photography, live photos by Kit Hallett)

Album reviews – Diamond

”Electronically fueled elegance. [..] There’s a good drive in the drums, and in NOCEAN_Diamond_Omslagcollaboration with guitar and bass, a well-formed richness is created. There’s so much more musical depth here than on the debut album. Hanna’s voice has developed and guides with power and emotion throughout a diverse and well produced list of tracks that is occasionally very reminiscent of Thirty Seconds to Mars. [..]And the angelic choirs in the ballad >>Here For You<< are just so incredibly beautiful, as well as in the closing track >>Forgotten<<.” – SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE

”>>This Must Be<< – a track that the band should be inspired by and influenced by, a real hit on all levels. The ending >>Forgotten<< is also a track that makes the listener wear his/her hair. […] The vocals are so incredibly well-formed and the instrumental parts come out in a whole new way and it’s so great that the longing for a live version escalates ”

”The lively >>You Are Diamond<< flirts with a Pop Punk style, the delivery of vocalist Hanna bringing to mind the obvious likes of Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne. From thereon in, the likes of >>Done<<, >>The Change<<, >>Those Days<< and >>Forgotten<<, develop a darker, almost Gothic Alt-Rock feel, with guitarist Oscar, bassist Daniel and drummer Patrick creating an impressive sound, the bands use of electronics merely a subtle embellishment to enhance the ambience rather than smother it.”

”The whole album is highly enjoyable and a delight. NOCEAN are in a class of their own and are one of the top Alternative rock bands in the genre. Hanna is a little pocket rocket, bubblicious, and a class act and knows how to deliver a song and story. NOCEAN never try to be something they are not or try to be flash, they are a band who enjoy their music and work hard and produce a blend of appealing songs which some have a super commercial vibe and would suit radio airplay. The number ‘HERE FOR YOU’ really is the stand out track for me and shows the band and Hanna at their very best. The band are also great live, very energetic and enagaging and a must go and see. Nocean have made a steady progression over the last few years and have honed their craft well. I believe there is still much more to come from this fine young band. Defitinely a very bright future for them with this release. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… 9.5/10.”

Album MP3’s

NOCEAN_Diamond_Omslag.pngDownload Nocean’s album Diamond (Only for radio, press, reviews. The mp3’s are protected by the law and are for private use only for those with permission from Nocean).

03. DONE


Album info

Release date: 1st of December 2017
Single release date (Here For You): 17th of November 2017 (music video earlier)
Digital stores/platforms: Spotify/iTunes/Amazon (all Sony Music’s platforms)
Physical CD stores: BENGANS.COM (Worldwide), NOCEANTHEBAND.COM
Label: Blueline Post
Physical distributor (Sweden): Rambo Music
Digital distributor (Worldwide): Rambo Music
Recorded in: Nocean’s own studio
Mixed by: Oscar Björk
Mastered by: Jocke Skog (Clawfinger)